Olivia Wolfe

Olivia Wolfe

Medium: Mixed Media
City: New York, NY
Website: www.oliviawolfe.com

About the artists
Born and raised in Miami, Olivia Wolfe received her BFA at Georgetown University. Wolfe followed her pursuit in the arts to New York City, where she studio assisted the likes of Janaina Tschape and James Hyde. "My work is very grounded in association, and accordingly the disconnect that comes along with that..." Wolfe recounts moving to New York and finding her place within the concrete jungle, becoming more aware of herself than ever before; "...my place here, my days here, my life here, my friends here, my deli here, my plans, my dreams, my failure, my ego here. I place 'myself' in everything I come across in NYC more so than anywhere else, and I think everyone that lives here does the same." Becoming very interested in the idea of trash and its representation of those moments that define the smallest, darkest, quietest parts of us. Wolfe says she rarely looks straight ahead when she walks, but rather up or down. The latter proved to be a gold mine for some of these discarded obsessions: drug bags.

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    Olivia Wolfe
    City of Rats
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